Michael Boyd

Mike is a Managing Partner at China Ni Hao. He and his firm, Boyd Group International, bring new-approach forecasting in the China aviation sector. This expertise allows China Ni Hao, LLC, to assist US clients develop China-outreach programs based on future, instead of current, business intelligence.

Mike has extensive background in China-related air traffic dynamics. His firm, Boyd Group International, helped deliver the first China Aviation Fuel Conference in Beijing in 2012, and is involved in developing new traffic Airports:China(TM) forecasts for the China-US market as more cities in the Middle Kingdom are opened to nonstop flights to the US.

Recognizing the growing importance China-US traffic, he organized the first China-US Travel Opportunities Symposium held in Las Vegas in 2015. He was responsible for development and delivery of the content of this first-ever event, which outlined the emerging potential of China-US travel and how airports and communities can prepare to welcome this new travel segment.

This has now evolved into a series of China-Welcome(TM) programs tailored for communities and airports across the USA.

Having attended high school in Taiwan, Mike speaks Mandarin, and has great respect for the unique and exciting Chinese culture.