Jack Lok

Jack is also a principal in China Ni HaoTM a pioneer in building and enhancing China Inbound Tourism.

In fact, Jack was present at the very dawn of the opening of China-US relations, when President Richard Nixon made his historic trip to China, in 1972.

Over 30 years ago, Jack, started running guided coach trips in the North East, primarily for the residents of Chinatown, in New York City. He expanded the operation to meet the needs of Visitors from China back at the start of what today is over 3 million leisure travelers from the Middle Kingdom.

By developing the best designed itineraries to meet the needs, expectations and demands of Chinese visitors, Jack quickly grew to being the largest Chinese- focused tour operator on the East Coast.

Through his group of companies and his extensive contacts in China, he and his
partner companies now bring over 500,000 inbound Chinese visitors to destinations throughout the United States.