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The Chinese Are Coming – But Only To Destinations That Reach Out & Welcome Them

In 2017, over 3.5  million Chinese will visit the USA – that’s up from barely 200,000 just a decade ago.

They’re traveling not just to Disneyland and Broadway, but places like the Thousand Islands of New York State, and the Amish country of Pennsylvania, Moab, The French Quarter, The Alamo, and Mount Rushmore.

Traditionally touring by motorcoach, in the future more and more will be traveling to these places by air, connecting beyond the US gateway hub. But it will be to places that are functionally-prepared for them, and which have at least a basic China-Welcome and outreach program.

They each spend on average over $8,000 in the US, more than any other nationality.

And here’s the kicker – this is just a trickle. Airports:China™ forecasts by Boyd Group International indicate that in 2015, the US actually experienced less than 6% of the potential demand from the fifteen largest Chinese cities, outside of Beijing and Shanghai.

Is your community and airport competitive in reaching out and accommodating this new emerging segment?

China NiHao is now delivering programs to airports and communities in developing a presence in the China consumer market, and developing cost-effective programs to get these visitors aware of your community before they leave China, and how to welcome and accommodate them when they arrive.

More than being "ready" - It's being aggressively China-Welcome. Click on any of the services outlined on the right side of this s to take a look at the range of services we offer.  Then Contact Us to start the discussion on your tailored China-Welcome program. From a simple but effective Chinese-language page on your current website to introduce your community, venue and airport to Chinese citizens,  to China-awareness seminars, to international & Chinese connectivity air service analyses, to Chinese-language websites hosted managed in China, to aggressive marking programs on Chinese digital channels, we can bring China to your community - and your community to China.

Get Ahead of The Competition. Take a look at the programs we offer - just click on each one in the sidebar to the right. These are not more of the "China ready" genre of programs. These are the functional tolls you need to posture your community, venue, airport and region to be a preferred destination for our guests coming from the Middle Kingdom.

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