WeChat – Your Presence In China

Chengdu. Changsha, Hefei, Haikou… most Americans have little or no understanding of these places. But we can get consumers in these and hundreds of other cities familiar with your venue.

With a professional business WeChat app, your community, venue or airport is literally in the pockets of hundreds of millions Chinese consumers!

It is estimated that 50% of the travel plans made by Chinese consumers start with their pocket phones. And WeChat has over half a billion subscribers in China.

China Ni Hao can build a cost-effective WeChat page for your venue or airport. It will showcase and put you ahead of the competition for the high-spend business of this growing travel sector. Chinese tourists and Chinese businesses will be able to get to know you before they leave China.

A professional, registered-in-China WeChat page can be engineered to not only promote your venue and airport, but be an important navigation tool for non-English speakers when they arrive in the US. Plus, there are a myriad of other features that can aggressively market your venue, region or airport to these consumers.

If you’re serious about attracting business from China, a professionally-engineered WeChat page from China Ni Hao is your electronic passport. Give us a call or e-mail from the Contact page, and we can start the process ASAP.