Chinese Website Strategies

Chinese are perhaps the most web-ready people on earth. China Ni Hao offers a range of options for communities, airports and venues to get in front of them!

Even if you’re a small community or a regional airport, having a Chinese presence on the web is a competitive advantage when Chinese consumers start to research their US itinerary.

For example, a basic Chinese-language page on your domestic website, outlining your venue, will demonstrate that you value and respect their potential business, as well as delivering a description of the destination.  Just having a tab on your current site tells the consumer in China that you recognize and respect the importance of Chinese business.

This can be very valuable particularly to regional airports – Chinese visitors will follow through and investigate destinations that make this initial effort.

China Ni Hao can develop and build a simple Chinese page for your website – in Chinese-expected format – with the features you want, professionally “trans-created” – not translated – to impart your message…. and at a cost that will surprise you.

We can also develop and host a comprehensive website in China, as well as monitor and update it.