Chinese Promotional Materials

We don’t “translate” – we trans-create…

An important part of being China-Welcome is having promotional and informational brochures ready and available at critical Communication Touch Points (CTPs) for your Chinese guests. Every US community, venue and airport should have basic information ready to deploy for these important visitors.

But it’s not as simple as it may seem.

The mistake many venues make is to take English-language materials and sending them to a translation service – typically one with near-zero knowledge of the travel industry – and getting back a product that conveys the message “we don’t care” to Chinese visitors.

Worse, many travel websites opt for “machine” translation systems. If your site has one of these options for Chinese, we would urge you to remove it immediately. These translations are raw, and result in completely wrong information and are insulting to the reader.

At China Ni Hao, we know that information cannot be just “translated” – it needs to be trans-created into Mandarin to get the intended message and information to the guests. Our translation partners understand that it’s the message that needs to be put into Chinese, not the words.

For example, an important part of the ground transportation system at large US airports are “black cars” – the limos and reserved sedans, most of which are black. But in China, the term heiche – black car – refers to unauthorized gypsy operators. A standard translation service wouldn’t know this – because they don’t know the travel segment. We do – on both sides of the Pacific.

China Ni Hao has assisted US airports with promotional brochures and marketing materials that deliver the message to Chinese visitors. Contact us to discuss the inventory of Chinese-language materials that fit your specific situation.