China Welcome-&-Ready™ Audits

Making the entire experience at your community and airport China-Welcome™ is a lot less complex and expensive than you might think.

Our team will visit your airport & community, and do a complete audit of:

The travel “touch points” – where Chinese visitors would expect/need guidance within their flow to and through your community.
From arrival at the airport, to transfer through the community, to venue and hotel accommodations, we can show where cost-effective communication systems can be implemented.

Key venues/attraction communication. Having basic materials – menus, travel information, emergency information, and just pure welcome documents – ready and at their easy access.
China-Welcome™ accommodation at hotels and hospitality points – the culturally-expected Chinese touches.

Support mechanisms for local staff, travel-support entities, and civic entities to assure seamless delivery of China-Welcome™ focus.

The deliverable will be a comprehensive set of recommendations and action plans to cost-effectively make your community a venue that Chinese visitors will not only enjoy, but tell their friends in China about. (Studies show that word of mouth is a major travel & destination determinant in China.)