Airport China-Welcome Programs

When Chinese visitors arrive at the US gateway airport, what do they see?

Usually, nothing.

Nothing that gives them any sense of being welcomed and valued. No direction or wayfinding in Chinese. No assistance in regard to navigating the FIS process. And when they get through all that, there’s usually no assistance or concern whatsoever to assist them in making connections, navigating through baggage claim, or figuring out how to use ground transportation.

Worse, often what little signage is on-site is in traditional Chinese – which hasn’t been taught in mainland China in nearly half a century.

In most cases, US gateway airports fall way short in this regard. The result is that most Chinese visitors start their US itinerary at the gateway city by motor coach – because trying to air connect on to an interior point, which is what they would prefer, is much too difficult. The result is that interior US airports lose thousands of passengers annually.

China Ni Hao has the program both gateway and interior airports can use to cost-effectively become China-Welcome. From simple, deployable China-Kits for episodic movements to innovative full-terminal wayfinding that’s largely transparent to other passengers, the China Ni Hao team can make your airport (and other local venues) a place that Chinese travelers find warm and welcoming.