Outline of Programs

Bringing China To Your Community…

… And Your Community To China!

Communities and their airports and commercial stakeholders can join together to become centroids of Chinese visitation in the USA. We can show you how.

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ItisallgoodlogoChina-Welcome On-Site Seminars

These include discussions of cultural differences and cultural expectations, but we go much further. We tailor the program specifically to your community, and outline how stake holders can accommodate the expectations of Chinese visitors.

How your community can take proactive advantage in making itself more China-Welcome than other points.

We cover the issues of what is needed to handle movements of Chinese travelers, things such as availability of motorcoach parking, adjusting tour venues to the behavior and attributes of these consumers. Little things, such as having venue-specific souvenirs they can take back – and ones not “Made In China,” either. (Finding such items can be a lot harder than one might think!)

At the end of the seminar, the community will have a much better idea of the opportunity, and how to better prepare and be China-Welcome

ItisallgoodlogoChina Welcome-&-Ready Audits

Making the entire experience at your community and airport China-Welcome™ is a lot less complex and expensive than you might think.

Our team will visit your airport & community, and do a complete audit of:

The travel “touch points” – where Chinese visitors would expect/need guidance within their flow to and through your community.

From arrival at the airport, to transfer through the community, to venue and hotel accommodations, we can show where cost-effective communication systems can be implemented.

Key venues/attraction communication. Having basic materials – menus, travel information, emergency information, and just pure welcome documents – ready and at their easy access.

China-Welcome™ accommodation at hotels and hospitality points – the culturally-expected Chinese touches.

ItisallgoodlogoChinese-Language Announcements & Way-finding – Efficient, targeted systems of PA terminal, gate, and baggage claim announcements, geared to specific needs of Chinese visitors and to the airport.

ItisallgoodlogoInternational & China Air-Connectivity Analyses

With the increasing number of new nonstop flights from more Chinese cities to the USA, developing seamless connectivity from the gateway portal airport to your airport will be essential in attracting this new travel segment.

China NiHao experts, including from Boyd Group International, will prepare an analysis of the connectivity-efficiency your local airport experiences with key points in China.

This is critical for two reasons. The first is that this is an essential part of targeted marketing for Chinese consumers – understanding that they can get to your community easily and seamlessly in regard to flight connections. The second reason is that this audit will reveal where strategic and tactical activities are needed, such as working with incumbent network carriers in regard to flight connectivity, and – most importantly – working with the connecting hub airport to assure that signage and assistance is in place to guide Chinese travelers.

The final report will be a complete China-Connectivity Blueprint for your airport to move ahead of other competing communities. We would note that this program will examine and analyze all international connectivity, and include recommendations for these options as well.

ItisallgoodlogoShowcasing Your Community – And Your Airport – In China

Full Representation – The Ambassador Program

China NiHao can be your on-site “ambassador” in China that will represent and showcase your community and airport to travel agents, tour operators and – importantly – key media channels.

The unique attributes of your community will be showcased to build more Chinese visitation. Remember, Chinese want to see all of America and their itineraries are multi-destination. Your China NiHao Ambassador will assist in making sure your community is included.

ItisallgoodlogoDigital Representation In China

Today, over 50% of all international Chinese travel is initiated on smartphones. That means China NiHao can put your community right in the pockets of Chinese consumers, with a range of modalities, from a scalable WeChat page to inclusion in systems such as Baidu, to locally-hosted and maintained websites in China.

For example, a relatively simple WeChat page for your community can deliver jus about everything the consumer needs to know about your destination. In effect, it’s like having local Chinese signage in your region, except it’s right on the visitor’s smartphone – before he or she even arrives at you airport.

China NiHao has a wide range of digital-channel modalities that will make your community a preferred destination among Chinese visitors.

ItisallgoodlogoDevelopment of Actual Chinese Tour & FIT Travel

Not only can China NiHao make your community China-Welcome, we can also develop actual programs to bring in Chinese visitors to enjoy it!

The principals of China NiHao include the largest China-US tour operator, one that has delivered millions of visitors to points across the nation, and one that has experience illuminating new US regions for visitation. For example, this company was instrumental making the Pennsylvania Amish region a top desired destination among Chinese visitors.

We can explore this with your community, too. In many cases, we can even guarantee the number of Chinese visitors!

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China NiHao is now delivering programs to airports and communities in developing programs that can deliver enormous new economic impact, and developing cost-effective programs to accommodate these travelers when they arrive.

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