More Global Recognition of China Ni Hao, LLC

China-Welcome™ Program Continues To Garner

Global Attention For McCarran International

February 10, 2017. The McCarran International China-Welcome program continues to get world-wide attention.

Last month, it was recognized by USA Today as one of the eight top airport amenity programs of 2016. This after less than four weeks in operation.

Now, other countries are starting to look at McCarran as the pacesetter airport in accommodating and attracting more of the millions of visitors from the Middle Kingdom. Even Turkish National Television has taken notice, with strong piece illuminating how LAS has moved ahead of the competition.

Turkish Collage Two650

At China Ni Hao, LLC, we are proud to have worked with McCarran in implementing this cutting-edge advance in airport international outreach. And, we’re now working with a number of other clients in tailoring China-Welcome programs that can make destinations more attractive to this high-spend leisure segment.

It’s a matter of aggressively looking over the horizon and planning to match the emerging international traffic trajectories. Let us talk about your airport and community’s China potential – regardless of size, preparing for Chinese visitors and Chinese investment is the next wave in airport development.

Get your community and airport into the game. Contact us for a tailored China-Welcome program!