Las Vegas International Takes The Lead

October 24, 2016, Evergreen, Colorado. On December 2, 2016, the first nonstop flight from China to Las Vegas will arrive, with Hainan Airlines service from Beijing.

Las Vegas McCarran International will not only be ready, but will be the first US gateway to be fully China-Welcome™ with a cooperative program delivered by Boyd Group International and China Ni Hao, LLC. Hainan’s passengers will find an experience unique to US gateways – they will not only find it easy to navigate the airport, but they will actually be made to feel welcomed and special, and that Las Vegas appreciates their visit.

The China-Welcome system being implemented at McCarran is not just another “China ready” program. It’s more than just cultural classes for concessionaires. The China-Welcomeprogram at LAS is a comprehensive system engineered to make every arriving and departing Chinese passenger feel comfortable throughout the airport transit process. And it’s the first in the nation.

It Starts In China. In fact, the Las Vegas McCarran International China-Welcome program reaches out to the Chinese visitor well before he or she boards the plane in Beijing, via a registered-in-China business WeChat app that gives them extensive information on McCarran and the services it offers.

chn-las-team-text-2-620jpgFrom the opening of the arrival jetway door, to the FIS, through the baggage claim area and all the way to curbside, guests from China will consistently be in an environment that anticipates communication and informational needs, effectively and transparently, as well as providing important information on the Las Vegas experience.

Deployable and electronic Chinese directional and informational wayfinding is a key part of the China-Welcome system, as are recorded and live PA announcements in Mandarin throughout the process, delivering both needed guidance as well as welcome for the visitors.

In addition, the program entails a Huanying Ambassador program, with specially-trained Mandarin-speaking staff to be at hand and accompany these visitors throughout the arrival and departure process. We are excited that the Customs and Border Patrol staff and the TSA are giving LAS support and encouragement for this program.

On the revenue side, the BGI/CNH team is covering importance of accepting UnionPay cards, and having this prominently displayed at concessions, as well as input on the types of goods that these consumers prefer to purchase on their departure.

The First In The Nation. This comprehensive, from-trip-plan-to-arrival-to-departure program – the first at any US gateway, goes leagues beyond other “China ready” programs. Word-of-mouth is a major driver in Chinese travel and destination decisions, and the experience at LAS is important to this. It’s geared to position Las Vegas as a preferred choice for Chinese visitors, as well as for the half-dozen emerging Chinese carriers who will be exploring new US destinations from large tier-two and tier-three cities in China.

For information on the Las Vegas China-Welcome System, give us a call, or click here.