Harrisburg International Airport China Program

China-Welcome Event Hosted By Harrisburg International Airport

On October 4, a team from China Ni Hao delivered a comprehensive overview of the exciting opportunities that Chinese tourism represents to communities across the USA.

Jack Lok – the largest operator of China-US tour movements (over 500,000 visitors in 2016), Chris Spring and Mike Boyd of China Ni Hao, LLC. briefed leaders in the Pennsylvania tourism industry on the developments in this rapidly-expanding China-US travel market.

The enormous Chinese interest in this region of Pennsylvania – over 40,000 room nights per year – was discussed by Mr. Lok and Mr. Spring, with projections of future growth.

Mike Boyd noted that three airlines already have easy, one-stop service between Beijing and Harrisburg International, and while most leisure traffic will be via ground transportation, the growing business base in the region will tend to build on this air traffic.

One interesting point regarding the business traffic at Harrisburg: Shanghai has eclipsed London as a destination from Harrisburg.

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China Travel Is A Jump Ball For Most of The USA – Rural Areas, Too.

A summary of the high-level China Ni Hao Harrisburg program, click click here. It covers the key points regarding today’s China-US travel opportunity.

But at the event, after these overall points, the program went on into specifics of the Harrisburg region, and specific approaches that the region can take to increase the already-strong levels of visitors from China.

As was discussed in the event, Chinese visitors today are eager to see all of the USA – usually as much as possible in a single visit. They have great respect for the USA, and no part of the nation is off the table as a visit-venue.

For Example…

Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands. The Herkimer Diamond Mine in the Mohawk Valley. The Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute in Utica. What do they have in common? All have been strong venues for visitors from China on tours generated by our CNH partner Jack Lok, within the I-Love-NY program.

The Herkimer Diamond venue, for example, has its facility ready for these visitors, welcoming them with signage in Chinese. They have no problem panning for “diamonds” and exploring the venue, while interacting with US visitors. Because word-of-mouth is a big driver in Chinese vacation decisions, this is a venue that’s high on the list in itinerary-planning.

The Workshop at Harrisburg included in-depth reviews of the emerging trends and demographics of the China-US travel market that make these types of venues destinations for our friends coming from the Middle Kingdom. We also discussed in depth how communities and their local airports can work to attract more of this growing sector.

Interested In Attracting More of This High-Spend Market? For a discussion on how the China Ni Hao team can bring a program to your community, and explore the opportunities of getting China-connected, click here.